Friday, June 14, 2013

I apologize and some BIG news!

O my lanta ... I can't believe how long it has been since I've been on here. I have some valid reasons though.

  • Buying a house.
  • Moving into said house.
  • Furnishing said house.
  • Painting said house.
  • Decorating said house.
  • Finishing up the year with my sanity.
  • Emotionally preparing myself for summer (aka being student-and-schedule-less).

Whew. Basically the house thing took over and I was just trying to adjust to being a first time home owner with new bills, responsibilities (like mowing a yard for my first time ever!) and SO much more room to work with. 

Now the BIG news I have for you is that I am no longer teaching second grade but instead I will be LOOPING up with my same kiddos to third grade. I am beyond excited and am absolutely thrilled to not only have my class again but to have my entire team loop up as well. We are basically all-stars and my students were kicking some serious bootay when it came to data. I am nervous to officially be in a "testing" grade but aren't all grades testing grades in a way - if not the actual test than prepping them for it, yea?

Either way - I've got a lot planned this summer when it comes to creating things for the new TEKS/Curriculum I get to cover. I am super excited to be able to go more into depth in certain subjects and to break out more of those chapter books! I will be aligning all of my stuff to the Common Core as well (since Texas just has to be different and go with the TEKS) to make it useful in other classrooms as well so be on the look out.

Have you looped with a class before? I would love to hear your feedback, likes, dislikes and suggestions about it all! Please comment or email me to fill me in on what you think! 

Thanks all! Hope you're having a wonderful summer and fun Friday!


  1. My students stay with me from 1st through 3rd. I love having them for 3 years because I get to see them grow, and we form a really strong bond. I am excited to see the things you make for third grade!

    1. O my goodness - I don't know what I would do if I could be their teacher for 3 years! They might feel more likt the neighborhood kids rather than my actual students by then. Any tips for me? What did you do for Meet the Teacher .. since they already knew you and all? How did you change it up while still keeping with whats comfortable?

  2. I'm moving to third grade, too! We are departmentalized though, so I'll just be teaching math and science. I also will have some kiddos I had the year before this last one so I'm excited. That's awesome you're team is moving up! Good luck to you!

    1. We used to departmentalize but instead we are continuing what we call Skill Building - our kids switch classes based on subject and objective! It's worked great for us so far. I LOVE Math so I would be happy to collaborative with you when it comes to our new TEKS throughout the year Bonnie!