Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reading Bingo, Math HW and House Hunting

Alrighty. So I have crossed off 2 out of the 4 things on my previous to-do list, all while watching HGTV and house hunting with the wonderful hubby. 

Here are the 2 things I have taken care of.

1. Reading Bingo Board. I will collaborate with my team tomorrow and see if we all agree on the things listed and then make any revisions necessary. (Stop. Collaborate and Listen...Vanilla Ice anyone?) Either way here is a freebie of what I threw together. Feel free to see if it works for you and your students and please email me if you'd like for me to edit anything for you and I'd be more than happy to send one your way. Click either here on the pic below to download it as a Google Doc.

2. Here is a preview of how I decided to format the weekly Math homework for second grade. You can also download this freebie as a Google Doc by clicking here or on the picture. I figured they didn't need too much on their plate since they already have Spelling and Reading HW, so a little of what we've recently learned as well as some stuff from the beginning of the year should be a good fit. 

On a more personal note, the husband and I have already experienced some house hunting drama. We found a house listed in a great neighborhood nearby and from the photos, looked like it had great character. We looked at it this morning, found so much to like about it: the layout, room size, chimney and open flow of it all. Found out someone had already put an offer down on it and that we had to decide if we were really serious. So of course, we called in the BIG GUNS... the mother-in-law haha. She is very well educated on home improvement DIY projects and is basically our second-mommy-version-realtor so we knew she'd be able to tell it like it is and gooooooooood thing. She came in guns hot and found a lot of stuff we didn't even bother to look at (of course an inspection would've shown these things too, but she saved us the stress and trouble of worrying about competing with another buyer). So ladies... give your mother-in-law a nice hug (we bought her lunch) and depending on your relationship with her, ask for advice if they know what they're talking about. 

I'm ready to be a home owner and get back into the swing of things school and schedule wise. 

Speaking of schedule ... my TV schedule is about to get WAY busier. 
  • Sunday: Biggest Loser. 
  • Monday: BSC Championship, The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. 
  • Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and New Girl. 
  • Wednesday: Modern Family, Property Brothers. 
  • Thursday: Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and 30 Rock. My goodness.. can you tell I don't have children? 

What shows will you be watching this season? Happy Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you were quite busy lately! Anyway, how is the house hunting? I know for a fact that it can be frustrating, and yes, lots of drama. I, myself, had a firsthand experience on this. But thank goodness my relatives and friends were there to assist us. They made house hunting less painful and more fun! And I think your mother-in-law is doing the same. She definitely deserves a BIG HUG! ^.^ [Katy Desroches]

  2. It’s really a big help that your mom knows something about home improvement. She will definitely be a big help when you need a helping hand or opinion about the house that you will purchase. So, have you got the deal? ->Lakisha Zimmerer

  3. You are lucky to have a mother-in-law who knows a lot about DIY renovations! =D You should take her to all your house hunting trips and treat her for a spa or something in return. She gonna love that, for sure! It would be a great help also if you jot down some notes for evaluation purposes. Greet her an advanced Happy Mother’s Day for me, if that's okay? ^____^

    Leona Gladen

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