Monday, November 12, 2012

Classroom Tour

My classroom is my home away from home. It is also one of the most important teachers my students will have this year (other than myself). Learning has literally thrown up all over my walls because it's not just a place to decorate, or make look "cute", but a place for them to use as a tool. So sit back and enjoy the pics.
The front of my classroom.

Birthday's and Carpet Area.

Math Wall (and chaos).

Science Wall.

Classroom Rules and Promises Wall.

My Guided Reading Center.


Hunk and Chunks Wall.

Word Wall.

View of the East Wall.

View of the Entrance.

View From the Entrance.

Currently My Bulletin Board.

My Wreath and Classroom Curtain.
My kids LOVE all the colors. Our walls are cinder block so I tried to cover most of it so it doesn't look quite like any type of asylum. I would say please ignore the mess... but what kind of classroom is always kept tidy? A somewhat messy classroom = learning is taking place.

What Did I Wear Today?...
  • White Sweater (Forever 21)
  • Red Scarf ( deal)
  • Leopard Print Jeans - they're very subtle and faint which makes them more neutral and school appropriate. (Target)
  • Red Flats (Old Navy)
I go for comfort when picking out what I am going to wear. I am always up and down, bending over and crouching here and there with my little second graders so I choose my clothes wisely. 

That's all I got for tonight. Enjoy! 

Aaaaaandddd please tell me you say that the Aggies are now ranked #8!!!! Top 10! This is ah-mazing. Love it!


  1. Way to go Bathman!! So proud of you, keep up the good work!! Hutto :))

  2. Your room looks great! I love your anchor charts!

    I am a new follower to your blog. =)

    Heather's Heart