Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polka, Plaid and Everything Mad

So I spoke too soon... After the dust has settled and the kids woke up they realized they didn't want to be back at school quite yet. All in all it was still a productive day buttttt let's just say they were a tiny bit distracted. And by tiny bit I mean ... I heard story after story about their breaks and here I am thinking "How nice they tell me all of this on Tuesday after our pleasant Monday that left me thinking it was smooth sailing for the week."

Needless to say the madness before the break has started to set in. But we will trek on learning about all sorts of things as we go. I must say, I have an AMAZING team. Every Tuesday when we meet I get so exited about the things they plan for us to do the next week. Next week we've got a whole bunch of great things going on from How-To's to U.S. Landmarks. Love those girls.

Here's a quick Freebie for what we are starting next week... Subtraction With Regrouping. It seems like terrible timing with the holidays and what not but considering we usually learn this in April my kids are doing SO SO SO good. I just can't get over it.
Click on the pic to grab it at my TPT store.
On top of that my wonderful admin has been handing out jeans passes lately so I took advantage of that opportunity and decided to wear jeans and a little mix up of some patterns (hence the Polka and Plaid title).

Enjoy your evening! 

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  1. My little gems had me wondering my calling today. They really, really need some help with sup w/ regrouping. Thanks for the ideas.